SkiResort Cerna Hora


SkiResort Cerna Hora is a ski resort with universal tickets for the ski resorts in Janske Lazne, Cerny Dul and Svoboda Nad Upou.

SkiResort Cerna Hora offers up to 20 kilometers of various ski terrains (77% coverage with artificial snow) with 4 chair lifts and 22 ski lifts, where every skier and snowboarder finds their own. The Janske Lazne Resort a offers an 8 person cabin lift(the only one in the Czech Republic), ski runs of all difficulty including a 3km ski run which is the longest in the Czech Republic. Bobsled enthusiasts can enjoy the 3.5 kilometer Cerna Hora sledge run.

Map of Skiresort Černá Hora

Webcam Cerna Hora - Zinneckerovy boudy

Webcam Cerna Hora- Janske Lazne

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